Magnificent Hill Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup Harvest

syrup_maple_collectMarch 8-24 2013 Weekends in March

Experiencing tapping the sugar maple trees on the Hill is always a entertaining and educational time of the year.

Be a part of them as they collect sap, the old fashion way on snowshoes and by transporting the sap in buckets.

Boiling down the sap using a wood fired evaporator allows all the precious minerals to continue to be in the product.

They do not use hi-tech filters resulting is a dark coloured syrup that is certainly rich in good quality and flavor.

Cost is $15 per person

Family event

Don’t forget to bring your own snowshoes

and dress for winter.


Enjoy a pancake meal topped with fresh Maple Syrup.

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Magnificent Hill

1258 Magnificent Road

Highland Grove

All About Magnificent Hill

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  • Located 20 minutes south of Algonquin Provincial Park in the hills of Highland Grove, Ontatio
  • A home as well as a life-style for both Lea and Dee, who are mastering and developing methods to become as self sufficient and sustainable as possible
  • They strive to live in harmony with our earth, water and air, practicing and developing much better ways to grow their foods and raise animals with a chemical free environment
  • There is certainly nothing better than planting a seed and allowing it to grow naturally
  • They offer a collection of seasonal produce and fruits which have been able to grow without including added chemicals
  • Their soil is examined annual and they only add organic products to enhance the quality. The result is realized in every tasty bite
  • Their animals have an unique roll and place on the Hill. Some for breeding while other animals are being raised for food.

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Magnificent Hill

For more information on maple syrup and it’s collection process or for natural foods see Magnificent Hill

Contact: Lea or Dee for more information

Tel: 705-448-9453


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