Free Time Before Boarding the Plane

What to Do With Free Time While Waiting To Board the Plane

Vacation Tip For Today

Vacation Tip For Today

The Scene – Travelers make it towards the gate and therefore are able to board their flight.

They made it in lots of time ahead of the flight and now find themselves with some free time.

More than likely this means taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi Internet present in most airports.

This can be a great idea as long as there are no plans to access a password-required site or having to pay bills using a credit card or PayPal.

However you can find predators at airports that wait around for unsuspecting prey to allow them accessibility to private information.

Most folks don’t have firewalls on their computer systems or devices, this means that with the appropriate software predators can access the device and steal your information.

If travelers are planning on using the airports free Wi-Fi service, just be careful what information you access.


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